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Studies in the History of Media Art: Screen Culture
ARTH 358

How have different screen cultures altered our experience and understanding of contemporary art? To what extent are we subject to them? Screen culture pervades society’s experience of visual culture, including different forms of contemporary art expressions. While the computer occupies an iconic position, it is but one mode of distribution and access to screen media. Tracing various cultural technologies and drawing from contemporary media art theory, this course examines the convergence of media forms to explore the diversity of formal aspects, modes of distribution, politics, and new media cultures produced in contemporary art’s engagement with screen culture. The fall 2017 semester will focus on the relationship between news media, activism, and screen-based artistic practices in a post-truth era.


Institution: Concordia University
Program: Intermedia
Professor: Dr. Alice Ming Wai Jim
Teaching Assistant: Jay Bossé
Semester: Fall 2017

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