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Multi-channel Composition: Sound and Spaces
EAST 365

A seminar-workshop on composition focusing on sound/music and space. This single semester class studies a wide variety of compositional possibilities associated with different multi-channel based concepts, techniques and technologies. All study is discussed by the students, through presentations given in class, and through compositional work in the style of the practices studied. This course is aimed at students who wish to continue studying trends and styles of electroacoustic work while continuing to develop technical skills as well as their own voice regarding musical creation.

The class is structured on the master class/seminar format. It is made up mostly of presentations by the students in the class about the works being studied, works being completed by the class members, or topics of interest for the group. Students will be encouraged to work in a collaborative, cross-discipline and multi-cultural fashion.

Each student will do presentations. Your presentation’s time will be depending of the assignment and the professor’s guide. Others students in the class will comment on the presentation and will ask questions too. Always take notes.

The topics may include presentations on fixed media electroacoustic music compositions, sound projection techniques and multi-channel installation art, among others.


Institution: Concordia University
Program: Intermedia
Professor: Ricardo dal Farra (Concordia University profile, artist biography)
Semester: Winter 2017

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