Mat Janson Blanchet's academic works


Replication of “Prescribed Optimism: Is it Right to Be Wrong About the Future?”

Posted on December 31, 2018

Research Methodologies in Humanities and Science

Abstract The main assumption about personal predictions, although an untested one, has always rested on the rationale that people want to be as accurate as possible. Armor et al. wanted to explore this assumption in 2008 and found out that in reality personal predictions about the future are often optimistically biased. In this paper, we […]

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Prescribed optimism replication report presentation

Tennis Trainer report presentation

Virtual Subjectiveness Analysis of ArtAnim’s “Walking Through a Pharaoh’s Tomb”

Posted on December 3, 2018

Interaction Models

This paper analyzes ArtAnim’s mixed reality virtual experience (VE) Walking Through a Pharaoh’s Tomb from the point of view of Virtual Subjectiveness (VS) (Parés & Parés, 2006) [1]. We explore the virtual experience’s physical interfaces and their mappings in the virtual world, as well as the Virtual Subjectiveness’ logical interface and its behaviours. We also investigate […]

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