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Advanced UX Evaluation in a Business Context
TECH 60709A

The course aims to equip students with a holistic view of the evaluation lifecycle, from managing client relationships and defining project mandates to conducting a UX evaluation on behalf of a client and generating design recommendations.

In this course, students will develop the core competencies of user experience professionals required to engage in the evaluation of a digital artifact (e.g., website, mobile application, information system). Combining a multi-method approach with a variety of measurement instruments, students will mobilize their requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities through a hands-on, collaborative approach in planning, executing, evaluating, and reporting on a complete design and development of a digital artifact. In doing so, they will be applying advanced UX evaluation techniques, while developing their skills competencies in managing client relations.

Topics Covered


Institution: HEC Montréal
Program: Expérience utilisateur dans un contexte d'affaires
(User Experience in Business Context)

Professor: Pierre-Majorique Léger
AssociateProfessor: Constantinos Coursaris
Semester: Winter 2022
Syllabus: Link