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Moving forward with gears

Posted on October 21, 2017

Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts

Prepared gears for 1/8 plywood

As I mentioned in an earlier post, the strength of the motor that will be used for my final project is not sufficient to break strings of bigger gauges than the two smallest ones. So I will need to create gears. This time I powered through Inkscape’s user-unfriendly UI to design the gears I needed.

Concordia’s Digital FabLab’s laser cutter can only cut through 1/8″ plywood, so I started planning to cut twice the amount of gears I need, and then glue the pieces together to strengthen them.

For another project, I went to échoFab and learned that their lasercutter also cuts up to 1/4″ plywood. I’ll be able to save some time by cutting the right amount of gears right away.


Originally, I wasn’t certain how the peg which holds the 2nd gear—driven by the gear on the motor peg—would be be held in place in the wooden structure. It was suggested to me that I use C-Clips and washers.

C-Clip Figure from McMasterCarr

From that point I was able to design a side cut of the concept.

Sketch - Side cut of 2nd gear and C-Clips

Once I cut the gears I’ll be able to drill some holes in my prototype and see if my guesstimates are correct.

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