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Second pass

Posted on February 11, 2018

Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts

Sanding belts

This week I spent more time grinding metal brackets. I did a second pass on one of the brackets with a grinding disc. I also went to the hardware store to pick up some belts for the small sanding belt we have at the TML.

Steel after grinding second pass with grinding discSteel after grinding second pass with sanding belt

The photos above show the different states of the metal after using a disc (photo on the left) and using a sanding belt (photo on the right), both with a 120g. The result when grinding with the disc is more mirror-like. although because of my movements, much more uneven. When using a sanding belt, it’s actually possible to get an even grinding, but much less reflective. It’s also much more physically demanding, although a bit quicker.

I may use the sanding belt to ensure the surface is even, and then use discs of finer grit to make the surface more reflective. I may also have to reduce my expectations of perfect mirror-like quality if I want to have enough time to mount the whole structure, machine some bushings, build the wooden cabinet, and the electronics…

Grinding dust

Grinding is incredibly dusty, I even have to save myself some 15 minutes at the end of every session to clean up the workshop… I also bought myself a shop coat so I could stop dirtying myself.

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