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Spring Midterm Progress Report

Posted on March 4, 2018

Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts

Assembled Kinetic Cabinet frame

Assembled Kinetic Cabinet frame

For the midterm, students must present the progress of their work. For the occasion, I assembled the metallic structure frame.

I also prepared slides to explain my process, and also to show the amount of work necessary to build.

Kinetic Cabinet isometric diagram

I also created a detailed isometric illustration of the cabinet. I also created an exploded view, which makes it easier for people to understand the contents of the cabinet.

Continuing work

Kinetic Cabinet bushings

As shown in the presentation, there is no shortage of work for me on this project. So I spent time creating the bushings that will hold the pegs for the gears at the bottom of the metallic frame.

Bushings sitting in dipsBushings sitting in dips

As seen in the pictures above, these bushings will sit in the dips that I have created in the bottom bracket, that way it is ensured that they are at a right angle. The small gears, closest to the wall of the bracket, require a longer bushing, as the pin that will hold the peg needs space to not bump on the wall.

Resource on tinting wood

While in the wood shop, I was browsing through the StewMac catalog and found an interesting article on how to tint black the wood of a guitar. That is quite interesting to me, as I would like to tint the cabinet black as well.

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