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Wooden body parts ready

Posted on March 18, 2018

Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts

Cabinet body sketchCabinet body dry run

This week I was able to cut all the wooden body pieces. I put a few pieces together for a dry run. It is nice to see how close reality is to my sketches, it’s also quite impressive how big this artwork will be!


Window frame sketchWindow frame measurements

I designed the cabinet glass window frame so that it would be possible to change the glass if it ever broke.

Window frame dry runWindow frame dry run

Above are a few close up images of the dry run. The one one the left shows how the inner frame sits in the outer frame. The image on the right shows the slot where the glass would sit.


Varnish layers

Inking the wood turned out to be a great idea, the black is really perfect! I went through three layers of varnish to test, and even though my varnishing skills are not that great, the results still turn out great.


Cleat close-up

I forget if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but Tom from the Concordia Wood Shop suggested I put a clear at the back of my piece. The opposite wooden piece is to be attached to the wall. The angle of the cut and the spread of the load should allow the piece to hold properly on the wall.

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