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Brutalist pickups

Posted on November 18, 2017

Independent Study

Brutalist Pickups Diagram

As the screw heads were in the way of the copper wire when I attempted to spool it around the magnet, I thought of redesigning the pickup case yet again. This time, the bottom-most part would be the only one through which screws to hold the pickup would go.

Brutalist Pickups Flatworks

As I am trying to accept some inspiration of the Brutalist movement’s aesthetics to direct some of the form of the sculpture, I thought it would be a good idea to redesign the pickup’s shape accordingly.

Threading Brutalist Pickups

In this version also, the middle part requires a threaded hole so that the screws can hold the top part.

Threading Brutalist with Eyelets

So far, this design seems the most appropriate, form-wise and aesthetic-wise.

New parts and tools

New tools and parts

So I just received some parts and some tools, and now I can start working on creating the spooling machine!

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