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Spooling machine needs new body

Posted on January 21, 2018

Independent Study

Spooling machine v2 - Body too small for electronics

This week I discovered something unpleasant: after taking much time to lasercut new pieces for the spooling machine, and for converting the electronics breadboard to soldered electronics on a perfboard, it turns bout the lowest part of the machine’s body is too small to house the electronics…

Spooling machine v2 - Body too small for electronics

And so I ended up designing a new version, one in which I raised the height of the machine’s body. That means I have to recut all pieces and glue the new ones again. I have an appointment on January 31st, which delays my progress again.

Spooling machine - Lasercutting diagrams v3

In the meantime I fixed the potentiometer that blew up on my signal generator. When I discussed with Garnet Willis a while back, he suggested I made new coils for my signal generator. I intended to make those with the spooling machine, so that part is also delayed for now.

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