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Spooling machine soon completed

Posted on January 13, 2018

Independent Study

Almost built spooling machine

During the holidays between the fall semester and the winter semester I have been working on the electronic components of the spooling machine. Things seem complete at this point, next week I will be moving from the breadboard to the perfboard.

Lasercutting new back panel

The back panel I originally lasercut didn’t have a hole big enough for the power supply outlet. I tried drilling to make it bigger, but I chipped the plywood. I had to lasercut a new back panel with the proper hole dimensions. Now that I have this new piece, I can finish the machine’s body.

I found a box in the TML which had small black metal corner pieces. I was thinking that if I were to glue the box shut, I would not be able to fix the machine if I had to. Instead, I’ll be using screws and the corner pieces to close the body which will allow to open and close the body as needed.

The last part for me to build will be the dowel that will allow to align the spooling wire with the pick-up.

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