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Spooling with copper wire

Posted on February 11, 2018

Independent Study

Plotting motor speed in Arduino

After spending some time to debug the Arduino sketch for the spooling machine, I finally fixed the motor so it behaved properly. Naoto Hiéda showed me something quite interesting: the Arduino serial plotter, which renders values visually, and makes debugging much easier!

Spooling with copper

And so I went on to spool my pickup. It works quite well actually, there are only two few minor issues:

Wasted copper wire

While there is not much chance that I will run out of wire, I do feel like I am wasting material. Not that it’s a lot of money wasted, but my time and the material I waste kind of annoy me…

I will order some magnet wire with a thicker gauge from Abra, in the hopes that the sound will not suffer too much.

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