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Posted on March 10, 2018

Independent Study

Well-spooled pickup

This week I didn’t make as good progress as I hoped I would. I admit that the amount of time I invested into building the Kinetic Cabinet may be to blame.

I spooled the pickup for which I had broken the wire, and finalized another one for which the connections were broken.

I again tried to make the signal generator circuit work, this time with those new pickups—as suggested by Garnet Willis—but to no avail. At this point, I must make a choice if I want to be able to build my sound sculpture: do I stubbornly push forward to use an EBow-like circuit to activate the strings, or do I find an alternative? Out of desperation, I actually wrote an email to EBow, describing my project and asking them to sponsor me, although I don’t hold much hope in that avenue. Garnet also said he may have an idea to help me, however I don’t how available he is. Finally, I am thinking that I may have to explore creating a rubbing wheel, like that of hurdy-gurdies.

A decision must be taken soon and I must act accordingly if I am to build my sculpture. I am almost thinking of creating the sculpture without a self-playing mechanism, making it closer to an instrument, as a first iteration.

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